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Meg Ozono , Photo-Jewelry Artist

The World's First-Ever Photo Jewelry Artwork

The universe I see through a lens is one that is sparkling with light.

As I press the shutter, my eyes naturally well up with tears.

I understood how looking at something so beautiful can make a person cry.

The unassuming light was a blessing that made my spirit blossom.

I want to produce that wondrous sparkle that isn't captured in a photo!

It was from this emotion that I started to arrange pieces of jewelry on photos.

In photos that emit light and radiance, I set jewels and Swarovski, making the image even more dazzling.

As if you've plunged into your dream...filling it with thoughts of love...

Continuing to face the world before me, I want as many people to see it as possible.

I'd be blessed for you to be a part of the overflowing light and love in this endless experience.



- Born November 30, 1973

- Currently living in Tokyo

- 1995 - Studied abroad in New York while enrolled in college

- 1999 - Graduated from Christine Valmy School NY and return to Tokyo


2014.12  Ginza Gallery House, solo exhibition

2015.12.03  Izu Imaihama Resort Hotel, exhibition

2015.05  Four Seasons Hotel, Chinzanso Tokyo, exhibition

2015.05  New York Art Fashion 2015, group exhibition

2015.05  New York Fifth Avenue, joint exhibition with Yoko Miyazaki

2015.08  Izu Imaihama Resort Hotel, exhibition

2015.09  Four Seasons Hotel, Chinzanso Tokyo, exhibition

2015.09  Shibuya BUNKAMURA Gallery, collaboration piece with photographer, Kazuo Tsutsumi

2015.12  Ginza REVERSE, solo exhibition

2016.03  Minato-Mirai Gallery, solo exhibition, world-class kaleidoscope artist, Koji Yamami, dream collaboration

2016.04  Osaka El Camino, exhibition

2016.05-07  Osaka Aera, exhibition

2016.07  Tagboat Art, exhibition

2016.08  Shizuoka Isetan Department Store, solo exhibition

2016.08  Tagboat Exhibition New York Art, group exhibition

2016.10  Tokyo Dai-maru Department Store, exhibition

2016.11  Tokyo Design Week, display

2016.12  Sapporo Mitsukoshi Department Store, solo exhibition

2017.05  Tate Modern Museum England,group exhibition

Exhibited in Shimamoto Dentistry, Kikuchi Jewelers, Izu Imaihama Resort Hotel, and numerous restaurants in Tokyo.

Sold at TORINOX, in Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture; Ginza Angelus; Aomori Nakasan Department Store.

Daishoji in Yamagata Prefecture

Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare Seseragi-so in Aomori Prefecture

Tama-Fujikura Gakuen in Tokyo, Hachioji (present)

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